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The Global Gilding Symposium - An International Gilding Education Event

October 9 - 30 2023

We are live! Explore our classes, ZOOM events, studio visits and free video tutorials!

- Live in-studio gilding workshops - Live zoom gilding workshops - Zoom lectures and presentations - Gilding classes for young people - Live Demonstrations - Studio Tours

Society of Gilder's Member?

Promo codes for Global Gilding Symposium classes are located on the "Member Welcome Page" once you are logged in to the Society of Gilders website.

Please note there is a seperate code for each class.

Gilding Videos

Explore the exclusive video content of professional gilders, merging ancient art with modern technology exclusively for the Global Gilding Symposium.

Discover tips and tricks, unveil secrets and timeless processes of gilding as skilled artisans present expert techniques and time earned experience.

More videos

"Gold is the most beautiful of all chemical elements. It is a symbol of wealth and power, and the gilder's art can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, turning mere surfaces into objects of captivating radiance."

Marion Boddy-Evans, artist and writer

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